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Deepen Your Relationships - Using the Enneagram


The Enneagram Relationships workshop is here! 

Let’s be honest, after we figure out what OUR dominant type is, what is the next step 90% of us take? “Hey babe/mom/dad/best friend/coworker? Take this test and let’s figure out what type you are!”
We believe that if we could just understand the types of people in our lives better, all of our relationships would get better! (Or at least make more sense...)

This is, in very small part, true. BUT...

Think back to all of the relationships you’ve been in~ family, friends, romantic interests, angry encounters with John in Marketing.... go ahead, I’ll wait.

What was the one steady constant factor in every one of these relationships and interactions? 

Yep. There YOU were, every time. 

This learning and awareness work will always come back to you. Because your relationships and interactions are all about how YOU show up inside of them, and how aware you are of your own gifts and shadow side. 

So bring your partner, your best friend, your (over 15 year-old) children, your carpool, heck- bring John in Marketing! 

Things we will discuss:
    ⁃    Relationship dynamics between types
    ⁃    Instinctual variants and motivations
    ⁃    Triggers
    ⁃    Tips and exercises to keep waking up, even when you’re in the middle of a really intense “conversation” and they won’t stop talking and you can’t even. 

What we will not discuss:
    -  How to “type” other people
    -  How to get a certain type to change and be more understanding of us. 
    - Myers Briggs, but only because I have zero knowledge of it. 

Deepen Your Relationships Using the Enneagram
with Ramona Reid
Intuitive Enneagram Coach

Thursday, August 30th 6:30-8:30pm
Nashville Center for Alternative Therapy
2623 Gallatin Pike, Nashville
Register in Advance: $40
At Door: $45

*Please have attended an Intro class (Saturday 8/11 is the next one) or have a knowledge of your dominant Enneagram type before registering for this workshop.

**As always, when speaking of relationships, if you are in an abusive one of any type, their behavior is not your fault or responsibility to fix or understand. Please reach out to a licensed professional therapist, get help and get out.