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Awakening To Our True Nature

  • Lemon Laine 1900 Eastland Avenue Nashville, TN, 37206 United States (map)

Join us for an evening with Ramona Reid, LMT, Reiki Master & Intuitive Enneagram Coach as she teaches us how to determine our ennegaram and what each one represents.

The Enneagram is a personality typing system and so much more, incorporating traditional wisdom with modern psychology. It explains that we are one of 9 different personality types, with varying degrees of health inside each type, and unique “wings” and instinctual variants. It outlines how each type tends to deal with stress, conflict, matters of the heart, boundaries, work and social interactions. The Enneagram describes the box of personality that we have all learned to live inside, our rules of engagement and reactionary patterns, where our ego sabotages us and where we place value…. And then it allows for a path out of that box, a disintegration of the walls of personality and integration into our highest selves. Each type has a unique essential quality, or wisdom, as well as a pathos or fixation, a blind spot where our ego will sometimes take over and lead us into habitual thoughts, patterns and reactions. Learning our essential quality and our egoic reactions is equally important, in my opinion, as it allows for insight into our true nature, and illuminates the many ways we unconsciously attempt to sabotage it.

Whether we are a Heart, Mind or Body type — the most basic of all distinctions between the 9 types — we experience the energy of each of the other types as well, both in aspects of ourselves and through interactions with our coworkers, friends and loved ones. Learning about our own type is crucial, at the same time when we examine the truths of all nine types, we are able to bring the whole picture into focus and understand more fully how we experience the world and each other.



Lemon Laine

1900 Eastland Avenue


Nashville, TN 37206

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