I highly recommend NCAT to anyone considering it! I had 2 reiki/acupuncture sessions with Yvonne so far and even after the first session, it cleared up so many issues I had been carrying with me for a long time. My husband had an awesome deep tissue massage there as well. The space is so calming and healing and you can tell their team deeply cares about your wellness. 10/10!
— Jessica R.
Ramona is a slice of heaven - have never felt such ease in front of a stranger.
— Rachel D.
When I was in a really rough spot with my pain, my dear Emily bought me a package of Acupuncture appointments at @nashvillecenter with Yvonne. I immediately felt so much love and genuine care from her. I started meeting with her weekly and always left feeling peaceful, centered, better equipped to handle my pain, and incredibly cared for. Yvonne recommended I see Ramona. Ramona does several different things that have taught and helped me so much. She offers intuitive enneagram coaching sessions that help find and explore your enneagram type, discover your patterns, where we naturally go when faced with stress, and how to become more self aware and healthy. (I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS) She also does reiki and massage sessions that I look forward to EVERY WEEK!!l I know their facility offers a ton more like mindfulness and meditation, EFT tapping, etc that I’ve yet to try but plan to... I would highly recommend checking these ladies out if your in Nashville and if not exploring what your town or city has to offer that may be helpful. It’s so worth it! You’re so worth it!!!!!
— Ruthie L.
I experience chronic nerve pain from post-surgical adhesions. Facing my third surgery after months confined to bed from pain, I reached out to NCAT for help. Ramona Reid has performed healing massage therapy for me and had previously recommended acupuncture. I scheduled a series of seven acupuncture sessions with Yvonne, one session per week for thirty minutes. Having never experienced acupuncture before I was unsure exactly what to expect. I am so grateful to Yvonne and Ramona for the services they provide through NCAT. I can happily say that I am pain free and did not have to undergo major surgery that would have actually compounded my problem. I am a firm believer and one very happy client!
— Karen S.
After following NCAT on Facebook for a few weeks, I finally had the opportunity to visit in person today! From the moment I walked in the door I could tell that I was in the right place. It felt like home to me (very safe) and I could feel something inside me shift even in the first few moments.The environment has such a peaceful and positive energy that I imagine is very conducive to all types of healing. Ramona has such a gift of putting people right at ease, and is such a talented massage therapist! We discussed the strong mind/body connection, and the numerous ways our bodies communicate inbalances. She also had some great suggestions for how to prevent future pain and stiffness. Although I scheduled a massage to help my neck and back, I came away with so much more. Not only do I physically feel better, but I also feel relaxed and renewed- ready for the upcoming week. I wish I lived close enough to participate in the meditation classes and other services NCAT has to offer- I will definitely be back next time Im in Middle TN!
— Lindsey C.
Ramona Reid is a gifted counselor and Reiki therapist. Each time she works with me, I come away lighter, clearer, more at peace and in tune. I don’t think I have ever done therapeutic work with anyone with whom the lines of communication were more clear, direct, honoring and helpful. Thank you, Ramona, for all the work you’ve done (with others, I know) to the get the Center up and running. I’ll see you soon!
— David T.
At the suggestion of Kate Tong Holland of Pro Vita, I made an appointment with Yvonne Constancio for some acupuncture. I was hobbling with a sore knee that was then causing pain in my hip. Four treatments later, I am virtually pain free, which is a lot for an old, disintegrating knee. The hip is doing great. Yvonne was knowledgeable and very skilled in her application of the needles. And no, they do NOT hurt. Relaxing and welcoming setting of the Center added to the positive experience. Chronic pain? Try acupuncture, it really does work and this is from a 62 year old businessman. Yvonne, thanks for excellent treatment and concern.
— Terry A.
Yvonne is great! I was a typical acupuncture skeptic before I started, but now I am a true believer. Yvonne has helped me nearly eliminate the wrist pain I have lived with for years. She is also a very caring and attentive therapist. I came to her with reservations about the invasive nature of acupuncture and made my treatments very relaxing and enjoyable experiences.
— William L.
I have had the unique pleasure of experiencing EFT with Kim Salter at NCAT in the past year. I have pursued many therapy modalities throughout my life and can honestly say that EFT is most effective and immediate in its results. I believe this is so because of its primary construct around self love. Kim is an extremely compassionate and intuitive practitioner. She listens, guides and directs. These attributes are highly useful as this is not typical talk therapy. Kim even communicated with me in the days following a session with continued assignments and feedback. I have been able to take the technique and put it into practice on my own as new situations have arisen where I have felt trapped or habituated and found significant freedom. I am very grateful to have this new tool.
— Patrick M.
As a massage therapist myself, I have very high expectations and it’s been difficult for me to find a fellow therapist that really meets my needs. I am absolutely thrilled to have found Ramona Reid. Her massage and bodywork are topnotch. I highly recommend her. I plan to be a regular at Nashville Center for Alternative Therapy. This place is a gem.
— Brittany V.
Great massage and acupuncture session... I feel great again!
— Christine M.
Ramona has provided me with a comprehensive set of services that have greatly contributed to my healing process! NCAT has introduced me to Reiki. which has significantly improved my energy levels! Absolutely wonderful experience!
— Emily J.
Yvonne Constancio is the acupuncturist. Every experience I’ve had with her has been truly spectacular. She has a divine healing presence about her which is soothing to say the least. I’ve had neck pain for a year now that has been severe enough to disrupt my daily life. Massage and chiropractic adjustments help to maintain my ROM but dry needling has been a game changer. I’ve received Reiki, acupuncture and dry needling from Yvonne. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking physical/emotional pain relief or general healing/well-being care.
— Stephanie P.
I have worked in the spa industry as an esthetician for 20 years and have had many, many massage over the years. Joany’s body work skills, techniques & muscle knowledge is absolutely unreal.
— Summer M.