Massage Therapy

Ramona Reid, LMT

Ramona Reid, LMT, Reiki Master and NCAT Founder

Ramona Reid, LMT, Reiki Master and NCAT Founder

Massage Therapies: Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Myofascial, CranioSacral Therapy, Neuromuscular Therapy, and Lymphatic Drainage

Ramona has been a massage therapist in Tennessee for over 12 years. She specializes in pain relief modalities with an emphasis on holistic health and ideas for recuperative self-care. Ramona completed the Reiki Master/Teacher level in 2010 and incorporates Reiki and Intuitive Energywork into her sessions.  In addition to massage, Ramona offers 1-hour in-depth health intake sessions in order to see the full picture of health to develop a personalized alternative therapy treatment plan. This intake is the cornerstone of NCAT's integrative therapy philosophy and allows the client to be an engaged partner in their holistic health. 

$80   - 60 minute Massage Session   *Additional $10 for Deep tissue

$120 - 90 minute Massage Session   *Additional $15 for Deep tissue

$130 - 90 minute Massage/Acupuncture Combination Session  * Additional $10 for Deep Tissue



Joany received her Licensed Massage Therapy training at Mind Body Institute in Nashville, TN.  Joany’s massage therapy sessions are Swedish Relaxation or Deep Tissue. Joany completed her Reiki Level I certification in 2016. She tailors bodywork sessions to address the unique physical conditions and acute ailments of her client, while holding their emotional and spiritual well-being to be central to the healing process.

$80   - 60 minutes Massage Session or Reiki Session / Deep Tissue - $90

$120 - 90 minute Massage Session / Deep Tissue - $135