a gentle vinyasa flow 

Every wednesday night 7pm

$15 drop-in / $100 for 10-class pass

 Space is limited - it is recommended to RSVP by texting Yvonne at 512-433-9050

Acupuncture during Savasana is optional

Influenced by teachers, peers and her travels, Yvonne aims to bring a unique sense of connection to Self in each of her classes.  Through intention, meditation, pranayama, and asana, Yvonne's goal is to leave each class refreshed and renewed. She teaches in a way that provokes a deeper discovery into the spaces of the smallest of transitions, letting the student experience for themselves an energetic connection of the emotional, physical and spiritual Self leading to transformation. Yvonne's classes always challenge the illusions and stories that block us from our greatest life. She aims to live a yogic lifestyle and leads her classes in a way that reflects that choice. 



60 - minute personal session tailored for you - $80


200RYT - Hatha Vinyasa - Kali Yuga Yoga, Nashville, TN 2017

Yoga Alliance Member since 2017