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Balance Your Hormones Naturally

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The ladies in our community want to feel good, free of hormonal complaints. But sometimes figuring out how to do that feels like a big mystery. Commonly, in our thirties and forties, our progesterone levels start to drop, more than our estrogen levels, creating something called estrogen dominance. This gives us irregular menstrual cycles, possibly heavier bleeding, increased pain with the menses and PMS symptoms such as breast tenderness, irritability, bloating, drastic mood swings, etc. We may also begin to lose our sex drive, our skin may become itchy and dry-- welcome to hormone imbalance!


The answer is not just one thing. Yvonne will help you understand how the major hormones such as the stress hormone, cortisol and the hormones estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and DHEA must all be considered for hormone balancing. She will give you a head to toe natural approach that will encourage every woman to take control of her health! 

Sunday, June 12
2pm - 3pm
$10 suggested donation 

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