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Biohack Your Health with Your Second Brain, Your Gut

Tired of getting advice from people who haven’t been through it themselves? 
Juliana will share her first hand experience that led her here today to help others.
70% of your Immune system resides in your gut!
 Is your life or that of a loved one being affected by any of these:

- cancer
- crohns or gut issues
- compromised adrenals
- hormone imbalance
- diabetes
- depression 
- sleep issues
- autoimmune disease
- alzheimers
- autism
- weight issues

Or are you healthy or an athlete looking for an edge?

Sick or healthy the market space is usually 15 years behind the science and cutting edge technology! Come out and learn the role your gut plays in your Quality of Life and how you can biohack your future right NOW!

* No claims are made for treating, curing or mitigating disease. But there does exist an approach and technologies in health that allow your body to help heal itself that some folks don’t want you to know about and it's called, EVOLV

Attendees enjoy a free tasting and every serving feeds a child in the fight to eradicate childhood malnutrition!

This is a FREE EVENT with Juliana de Bres, Speaker/Trainer, Cancer Caregiver & Integrative Health Enthusiast
Thursday, October 18, 2018
6:30pm - 7:30pm