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Find Your Mantra

Mantra is Sanskrit for "divine speech," or "tool of the mind." It kneads the flesh of the body with sound. 

Our lives are filled with women sounds, and our responses to these sounds creates who we are moment to moment. A sound can create irritation or pleasure. A sound can affect our thoughts and feelings and can change our lives in an instant. A word of anger an cause deep pain. A word of encouragement can inspire for years to come. We are largely unaware by the force of nature that is sound. Sound can heal. The chanting human voice is the oldest musical instrument. Every culture has recognized its magical power. 

If you're interested in learning more about the potency and power of mantra healing - join Ramona and yvonne for this workshop. We'll discuss how mantra works and help you find a mantra that feels right for you. 

$20 per person

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