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Allergies & Your Gut: How Strengthening Your Gut Can Help You Prevent Allergies

Katie Fell is a holistic health coach and former pharmaceutical researcher. She dove into studying nutrition after seeing how drugs weren’t working and people weren’t feeling better. Experimenting with her own diet made her a firm believer that your #1 defense against allergies and illness is the food that you eat. She spent a lot of time indoors as a child because her grass and pollen allergies were so bad. Only when she became an adult and experimented with intermittent fasting and clean eating was she finally able to spend time outdoors! 

The transition from Summer to Fall is a key time to prepare the gut and entire body for the onslaught of Fall allergens, so join Katie for tips on how to be fully prepared!

Sunday, August 14
2pm - 3pm 
$10 suggested donation
+ All attendees will receive a FREE 30-min. consult with Katie