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Healthy Brain, Healthy Baby

Join Dr. Melissa Brown for an informative class discussing the importance of proper care during pregnancy and why mom and baby’s brain health is critical for proper development. She will explain how a healthy brain develops and teach you about pediatric milestones and primitive reflexes, automatic movements that are derived from the brain stem. These reflexes are essential the first few weeks to months of life, but should be inhibited by higher functioning cortical areas of the brain as the more sophisticated structures of the brain develop. Learn why these reflexes and basic milestones are essential in immune function, behavior, learning and physical development and what you can do if your child still has primitive reflexes present after the first year.  Dr. Melissa has studied directly with the leaders in pediatric neurology and pregnancy and has dedicated over a decade of her learning to return you and your children to the healthy life you deserve! You won't want to miss this educational evening!