Maybe you have been feeling a kind of stirring, a restlessness or awakening. On a physical level, you might be experiencing pain, discomfort or anxiety, your digestion and sleep have become affected, or you get headaches or body aches and can't figure out the cause. Things just aren't right. 

Maybe the plan that you set out for your life isn't ringing true anymore, and you are hearing or feeling that your life needs to take another direction. You are noticing that the things that used to bring you joy and comfort are no longer fulfilling you, or you are realizing that they never did. You may have been quieting this intuitive voice with routine or vacations, purchases or substances... Yet it's getting louder and you realize that your life is in need of a reset and you have no idea where to go from here. 

Book your Initial Intake at Nashville Center for Alternative Therapy (NCAT), where we will have a conversation identifying and mapping your health patterns and unique set of life circumstances, and map your first steps on the path to Holistic Health.